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Sunset Beach Canopy Rentals

Sunset Beach Canopy Rentals

Blue Planet Watersports offers the nicest and most affordable Sunset Beach Canopy Rentals available.  Let me tell you why we’re undoubtedly the best option for you!

CALL TODAY TO RESERVE!  910-579-2628

#1) Price!  We’re the least expensive!  Simply put, no one competes with our prices and we guarantee it.  Find it cheaper and we’ll match it!

#2) Service!  We’re friendly and professional.  We treat our clients with the best service possible so that you’ll come back to us year after year!

#3) Convenience!  Don’t hassle with buying your own, setting it up every day, worrying about where you can or can’t set it up, struggle with securing it so that it doesn’t go tumbling down the beach in the wind – and yes, we’re at the beach, it gets pretty windy.


#4) Secure Setup!  Our team goes the extra effort to make sure these tents are very secure.  We leave you our emergency line so that if there’s any issues at all, we come out right away and take care of it.

#5) Longer Rental!  We don’t just setup Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.  Our tents are setup by 8am and we’re required to take them down by 6pm so we start around 5pm.  And we add Sunday setup for FREE!  The only day we don’t setup is check-in/check-out day which you won’t need it that day anyways..  This is a longer setup time than ANYONE else!

#6)  Equipment Quality!  We won’t say anything about others but simply put, ours is brand new equipment.  You and your family can enjoy the beach and have a little relief from the sun at the same time knowing that our equipment won’t break on you and it will be clean.

If you’re looking for the best canopy rental in Sunset Beach, you’ve come to the right place!

CALL TODAY TO RESERVE!  910-579-2628